Inspired by @Heartsounds
  1. Get a good nights sleep.
    Life is busy... getting a solid 9 or even 8 hours of sleep just makes my day and makes everything so much better.
  2. Get a hug.
    Getting a hug from someone I love just means so much and so comforting.
  3. Eat good food.
    Having good meal when you are hungry can change everything.
  4. Spend time with friends.
    Relaxing and de-stressing with friends is so amazing.
  5. Take a kayak ride.
    Back in Alabama I would go out and kayak during sunset and listen to music. It was wonderful. ☺️
  6. Read the Bible and Pray.
    Spending time with God is so relaxing and comforting. Knowing that God is there for me and loves me helps me when I am stressed. When I am depressed and feeling down it always lifts my heart.
  7. Cry.
    Having a good cry is the best relief ever.
  8. Have a meaningful conversation.
    Having a good conversation with someone about life and our struggles and what God has done in our lives can be so up lifting and encouraging to both of you.