February 4, 2017 (semi-sad list)
  1. I had a rough couple of years a while back. And I never wanted to open up to anyone about it.
  2. This is my friend Joyce.
    She was this first person I opened up to. She was so encouraging to me. She would pray with me and let me talk to her and cry with her.
  3. She is wonderful and God completely just threw her in my life in 2014
  4. Her husband Ben is also just an incredible person who has been so encouraging to me.
  5. They are missionaries. They go out into the world and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are so passionate and they inspire me so much.
    They were in Kenya for 15+ years and then they came back to the states to be the directors of the mission organization they are with. In 2015 they went back on the mission field and they travel and visit other missionaries.
  6. Even though we have Facebook and email I really miss Joyce.
  7. When they post pictures or an update on how they are doing it just makes me miss them even more.
    Since they are doing so much it makes be feel as if I'm not doing anything for God.
  8. I really miss my friends Ben and Joyce. 💔✈️