August 9, 2017
  1. I am starting my I am starting my junior year at Grace Bible College.
  2. This year I am a resident advisor!
    This means that I have responsibilities over Students, I have meetings with community life, I will need a Tuesday night small group, and many other responsibilities.
  3. We started training on Monday.
    We’re all super excited about it and I love the team that I am working with.
  4. I also took on a church service at a local nursing home!
    I was asked if I would like to speak for the next three weeks and I said yes. It’s such a cool opportunity and God has already blessed me this past Sunday with the conversations that I had.
  5. One of my close uncles passed away last Thursday.
    I am in Michigan and the funeral will be in Florida. I am flying down tomorrow (Thursday) for the funeral on Friday and then flying back Saturday night.
  6. Some close friends of mine are getting married Sunday night!
  7. So currently I have a bunch of class homework, I am flying down for a funeral and immediately flying back up, speaking to times on Sunday, have a wedding Sunday night, and have a paper due Monday. And on top of that all of the normal living and busyness of class and RA training.
  8. I am also not into the swing of being in school again.
  9. I’m getting a little bit stressed out and I’m only three days into the school year.
  10. The only way I’m going to make it through these next few days is with God by my side and Him alone.
  11. Sorry for the vent. Thanks for reading! ❤️