This is a really long list! December 16-19, 2016. Fun fact: it took me longer to get home from the Philippines and Malawi than it took me to get home. 👌🏼
  1. Act I
  2. Last week I finished my 1st semester of my Sophomore year of College 🙌🏼
    It was a wonderful feeling.
  3. I had a flight on Friday the 16th to go back home to Mobile, Alabama from Grand Rapids, Michigan.
    It had been snowing a decent amount that day and the days before.
  4. My flight was at 6:20 PM so I was planning on leaving at 4:30. But at 1 I got a text from United that said my flight was canceled.
  5. My reaction:
  6. I was low key frustrated/disappointed.
    I wasn't like super excited to go home. I was excited to go home because two weeks ago I bought a MacBook and I accidentally sent it to Alabama instead of Michigan. 😖
  7. I rebooked my flight for Saturday at 11 👌🏼
    I would fly to Chicago to Huston then Mobile. I wasn't excited about that, but was the best flight.
  8. Act II
  9. Saturday I got to the airport and flew to Chicago no problem 🎉
  10. When I got off my plane I looked and my Huston flight was delayed a lot. So much that I would miss my flight to Mobile.
  11. Not the end of the world just need to rebook again. *Except* the customer service line was really long... I ended up waiting for about 1 1/2 hours.
  12. At 1:50 PM The only other Mobile flights that day were full or canceled... The next flight to Mobile I could get on was at 7:15PM Sunday.
  13. Let us have a moment of silence for Ben.
  14. Since it was a weather issue and not a mechanical issue they wouldn't pay for my hotel. I had to go book a hotel myself. They did give me discount though 👌🏼
  15. I ordered deep dish pizza and watched tv shows in my room. It was very relaxing 😌
  16. Act III
  17. I woke up the next morning and went to a family friend's church.
  18. A church member named Dawn took me out to lunch and took me back to the airport.
    She was really sweet ☺
  19. I got back to the airport at 2:30. I had 5 hours to kill.
    This is day three of attempting to go home.
  20. My mom sent me a one time pass to the United Club so I could go hang out there and eat food and drink coffee. (This comes in clutch later)
  21. I saw a lady named Beth knitting so I went and talked to her for a little while. I showed her some things that I have crocheted. 😊
  22. Through out the day I got a few texts about delays so my flight was leaving at 9 now. No problem. I'll live.
  23. Act IV
  24. At 6:30 I get the fateful text.
  25. My flight to Mobile has been canceled.
  26. I ran to the United club rebooking desk to find another flight.
  27. This lovely lady recognized my urgency and started typing as fast as she could.
  28. There were no other flights to Mobile. The best she could do was Birmingham, Alabama. Which is like 4 hours away from home.
  29. I got the last seat on the plane!
  30. Being in the United Club area made me able to home home because if I would not have been up there I would have had to wait in the long customer service line again.
  31. I was also pretty done at this point.
  32. This flight was scheduled for 8 but there were of course delays and we ended up leaving at 9:30 10ish
  33. We got on the plane and it was such a good time. Everyone near me on the plane had such a good attitude and we were all just happy to be in a plane.
    And I had this seat! 🙌🏼
  34. I finally made it somewhere! I landed in Birmingham at midnight. I waited around in the airport until 1 A.M.
  35. Act V
  36. My parents came and got me! Now we had to drive home. 😌
  37. We stayed the night in a hotel and then we drove home Monday.
  38. Thus ends my crazy adventure home. 🏡
  39. Epilogue: After having a really stressful semester it was really nice to just take time and do nothing. I met some really awesome people that hopefully I was an encouragement to them. ❤️