January 19, 2017. I posted a list about this a month ago. ☺
  1. This week I came back up to Michigan to start my next Semester at Grace Bible College!
  2. All throughout the year when something exciting happened or I was blessed in someway I wrote it down and put it in a jar.
  3. It's so awesome because it gets you to actively think about what is good in your life and it can point out times when God has worked in your life or blessed you in some way. ❤️
  4. This jar has been named the blessing jar or a Benjamin Jar ☺
  5. I read through them this week and it was so encouraging to look back on my year!
  6. Here was the finished product!
  7. I had waaayyyy more than last year! It was amazing and so uplifting!
  8. I can't encourage people enough to do this! Go out and get a jar and start filling it up!
  9. Here's the video of me looking through them.