1. When I was like 10 my sister taught me how to crochet and ever since then I have loved crocheting. ☺
  2. Over the years I have made a fair amount of things. Here are a few.
  3. Many scarves!
    I have made a couple scarves for Myself. Some I gave away and some I don't know where they went...
  4. A couple years ago I made a Tom Baker scarf from Doctor Who!
    (When I finished it in 2014)
  5. This infinity scarf/neck warmer.
  6. Hats!
    I have given out some and I have some that I have kept. I made this one for a kid at my church in like 2009.
  7. I made washcloths and pot holders that I have all given away.
  8. I have made two vests for myself ☺
    This Gray and blue one.
  9. And this red and gray one.
    I couldn't find a picture of my wearing it. 😕
  10. I really want to make a blanket so that might be my next project! 😁