Some of these are because I went to College and some are that I did growing up.
  1. Campering with my dad.
    Growing up January and February were tax months for my mom. My dad would take Me and Brother and sister camping in our travel trailer. We would play games and watch movies together. In the mornings we would make breakfast and go on a long bike ride. ☺️
  2. Bike rides
    As a kid we would go on bike rides around our neighborhood and some times to church on Wednesday nights.
  3. Kayaking
    In Alabama I live on the water and over the past 2 years I started going kayaking a lot. I miss running out at sunset and hopping in my kayak for a sunset cruise 🌞
  4. Camping
    Our family and church family used to go camping during the winter. It was so much fun to play hide and seek at night and look at the stars and sing around the campfire. It was always so much fun. Sadly I haven't gone camping in Alabama for like 3 years... 😭
  5. Wednesday Night Church
    Growing up I attended CBC at our church. We would memorize verses, play games, and be with friends. I made some of my best friends there. I miss being a kid and doing kid things.