December 14, 2017. I am about to Travel back to Michigan to start school again. I watched a couple TV shows while home. 👌🏼
  1. The Man in the High Castle.
    This show was so good. Sometime hard to follow though. All of the twist and turns and awesome characters. Juliana is an amazing lead 🙌🏼
  2. Just yes.
  3. "Little" know fact: I love Survivor 😁
    I have seen all 33 seasons and some seasons many times 😅
  4. Survivor: Vanuatu. 🌋
    I rewatched this season 🙌🏼 The ninth season is easily in my top 5 seasons. So goooodddd. ❤️
  5. "You QUESTION a woman's character... you QUESTION a woman's ability, she'll SNAP your NECK! You open your HEART, show a woman you're VULnerable, then they start THINKIN' with their heart.. That's when they OPEN up that back DOOR."
    Chis Daugherty is just so amazing. And Scout, Ami, Leann, Eliza so much is amazing about this season.
  6. Sneaky Pete
    This freakin show. It came out yesterday and I'm already done with it.
  7. "I'm a confidence man. I give people confidence, they give me their money"
    I enjoyed this show so much. I love con shows and this reminded me of a way darker white collar. 😁