Favourite Places in Bristol

Bristol seemed like a good choice for the following reasons: I lived there from 2011-2015, I still work there, my Dad and his family were/are Bristolians. UP THE GAS!
  1. Broad Street, Old City
    One of Bristol's original Saxon streets. Considering it's very central location, it's very quiet with lots of fascinating buildings including The Grand Hotel, St John's Gate and the Everard Printing Works (pictured)
  2. Birdcage Walk, Clifton
    A parg through the old St Andrew's churchyard. The church was destroyed during the Bristol Blitz, but the graves are still there.
  3. The Tramway Generating Station
    Gorgeous Victorian industrial architecture opposite Castle Park, about to be turned into flats.
  4. Altered Image, Clifton
    My hairdressers, run by the lovely Darrell and Vincent. They took pity on me when my previous hairdresser let me down and became my first real friends in Briz.
  5. Greville Smyth Park, Bower Ashton
    I didn't visit this park until just before we moved away. Another Victorian jewel, formerly part of the Ashton Court Estate.