Just a few suggestions
  1. Bathe
    Why is it the people who smell the worst are the ones who hang out and chat? If I can smell your crotch from 5 ft away you need to WASH THAT THING! Or, if you have enough grease in your hair to fry chicken WASH YOUR HAIR. And deodorant is NOT optional.
  2. Dress approately
    Pajamas/lounge pants are for the home, not for going out in public. I don't care if you are in work clothes, workout clothes, or a three piece suit, just NOT YOUR JAMMIES! Also, please make sure your body parts are covered. I recently had a conversation with a woman whose enormous boobs were barely covered. I was incredibly uncomfortable, she didn't care.
  3. Brush your teeth/tooth
    I love speaking with people whose breath smells like they just ate a bag full of onion & garlic flavored fish assholes. A tooth brush and toothpaste are not expensive items, please look into purchasing and using them.
  4. Be polite
    People who work in retail truly are unappreciated. They work long hours for little pay and are often berated by the people they are trying to help. If they don't have what you are looking for it is usually NOT their fault. A little patience, understanding and a word of kindness goes a long way.