For two summers, I have worked as a camp counselor and supervisor through Ramapo for Children. Here are a few reasons why I believe in this organization, inspired by @list and #givingtuesday. To learn more, visit: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nKJm9CxI-60. To donate, please visit: https://www.crowdrise.com/RamapoGivingTuesday2015
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    Ramapo for Children trains teachers, parents, and youth workers on how to work with children with social, emotional, and learning disabilities, including ADHD and ASD (autism spectrum disorder) 👦👧
    The training allows teachers, parents, and youth workers how to build relationships with children who might have difficulties in both a classroom or home setting.
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    Camp Ramapo allows these children to embrace their own successes at a residential camp in upstate New York ⛺️
    Campers ages 5-18 participate in everything that a neurotypical child would experience at a summer camp - challenge courses, swimming in the lake, sports, visual and performing arts, hiking and other outdoor activities.
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    Ramapo trains its camp staff using its own behavior management program 🙇🏼
    Their program is used to train every teacher that teaches in the Newark public school system and all pre-K teachers in the NYC public school system. Counselors are usually college-age students who are studying psychology or education.
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    Ramapo offers year-round programs to serve young adults and teens. Ramapo works with each young adult and teen on a variety of skills ranging from life skills to professional workplace ethics and etiquette 🗯💭
    Things we take for granted like introducing ourselves to new people or ordering a meal are brown down into manageable steps.
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    Nothing beats the look on a child's face when they are surrounded by people who support them and truly care for them. Their successes are our successes at Ramapo 😃