1. Thanks,
    Your first name (last name optional)
  2. Thanks and I look forward to your response,
    First and last name because you're professional and really want a prompt and punctual response
  3. Sincerely,
    Your name but typed in a legible cursive font to make it appear as if you signed the email with your signature
  4. 4ever Urs,
    ~yOuR nAme sPeLLeD LiK DiS~
  5. Blessings,
    Your name, followed by a list of religious gathering times at your temple/church/synagogue
  6. Cheers!
    Your name but misspelled because you were intoxicated while responding
  7. -
    Just your initials. Simple.
  8. Love,
    A pet nick name you gave yourself for your coworker's to refer to you as