Because everyone loves getting mail.
  1. Eat an Extra Dessert Day
    Sept 4. Coupons and gift cards acceptable to insert.
  2. National Lazy Day
    Aug 8. On second thought, maybe don't send a card. The post office is too far away and you would have to walk and ugh too much work.
  3. Laugh and Get Rich Day
    Feb 8. Grandma, I'm hoping you remember me on this holiday.
  4. National Repeat Day
    June 3. Send the same card twice. June 3. Send the same card twice.
  5. Insurance Awareness Day
    June 28. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there! With a card!
  6. National Lost Sock Memorial Day
    May 9. Send a loved one an unmatched sock or 12.
  7. National Stay Away from Seattle Day
    Sept 16. Suggestions for activities in other WA cities appreciated.