Inspired by 96.5 KOIT, the Bay Area's Number One Christmas Music Station While Listening at Work (No this is not a plug, I just have their intro memorized by heart)
  1. "Parson Brown" / WINTER WONDERLAND
    Who is Parson Brown?!
  2. "From kids from 1 to 92" / THE CHRISTMAS SONG
    Why 92? Why not 102? And it seems pretty drastic to go from kid at age 92 to an adult at age 93 like wow and why?
  3. All the words from "The Christmas Canon" aka the Christmas version of Pachelbel's Canon aka the song everyone walks down the aisle to
    WHAT ARE THEY SINGING? All I can recognize is "Merry Christmas" from the utterings of these little choir boys
  4. "Where the love light gleams" / I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS
    Should it be where love's light gleams? I just get easily confused when I stop and process what I'm mindlessly singing along to
  5. "Maybe just a half a drink more - Put some records on while I pour" / BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE
    Was the second singer in this duet roofied? Like why can't they be there to watch them pour the drink, why must they go put on a record??
  6. "Say, what's in this drink?" / BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE