Inspired by @nicky_v // Common theme: bad tattoos
  1. Aaron, working at the tattoo shop that gave him his terrible "praying hands with the name of his brother that was miscarried before he was born" tattoo
  2. Theo, galavanting some trail in the US, taking tinder worthy profile photos
  3. James, body builder????????? also got "hakuna matata" tattooed on his lower stomach/pant line
  4. Alex, working at an art startup in Emeryville
  5. Chris, working in South Africa for Skateistan
    also taking some tinder worthy profile pics and got a terrible tattoo that I cannot decipher or note the language of orgin
  6. Ron, working at the museum at our former alma mater
    go gaels
  7. Shane, still changing the oil for my car at the mechanic
  8. In conclusion, my taste in men is widespread and confusing