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    Live Music
    Concerts > any other form of music. It's all about the interim, the explanation of the song's lyrics or the anecdotes associated with the album's creation. I don't research the set lists prior to attending; there's something very serendipitous about concerts where you're hoping they play your favorite song and guessing what they're going to close with. (Last concert: Vance Joy, Oakalnd CA)
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    Big fan of listening to music on the radio versus plugging my iPhone in. I like the idea that someone else in the ether is jamming along with me to "Closing Time" a few cars over or another town away. There's also the organic feeling of radio as well compared to the data-driven song selections based on media downloads that curates Spotify and Apple Music. An actual human being decided what songs to play and in what order and I love that. (Favorite station: KFOG 104.5)
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    I love a good cover and YouTube always delivers a good selection. I enjoy seeing the liberties the cover artists take either with changing up the mood or pacing of a song. Always a plus if it's a cover and a mashup. That's when you really get to see the creativity show and the limits the artist pushes the two songs. (Favorite cover artist: Louisa Wendorff, "Goodbye / Believe" & "Blank Space / Style")
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    Yes, I still buy CDs. (Yes, I still purchase singles from iTunes too) When I get a new album, my first listen is in complete order, with a strong attempt to do it in one sitting. Even if the album contains an overplayed single (re: "Hello," Adele), I keep it in the rotation and don't skip it. I love seeing how an album flows from beginning to end and thinking about the importance of the order of the songs, especially the first and last songs. (Most recent purchase: "Cleopatra," The Lumineers)