An ongoing manifestation of my reality
  1. Sushi; like s meal of candy only not terrible for you. Hits that oh yeah spot in my brain
  2. Comedy; one of the best ways to get out of anxiety, anger etc etc.. Thank you to the funny ppl. Consumer for life!
  3. Dance; losing myself and time
  4. Darkroom; also losing myself and any grasp of time
  5. Art: all of, across all mediums. Oh my heart and brain explode
  6. The sound candles make when hitting against one another
  7. The sound of a car door closing in the rain and best in a movie
  8. My sister and mom
  9. Hugged without obligation or sympathy but empathy and a selflessness
  10. Twirling my hair; I'm an expert twirler; no knots
  11. Dreaming up tattoos I haven't gotten and probably won't
  12. Magazines (interior design and photography related)
  13. Political debate - I really like the practice of talking ideas and implementing them or how the elected ones aren't doing that
  14. Dramatic pause in real convos
  15. Wine drinks over Skype with one of the bestirs - this one has kids, can't be in person as much soooo yeah those dates
  16. Really really good sex ... I would think
  17. Hot showers for relaxation but more so ideas! I have ideas!
  18. Ideas!
  19. Word games
  20. White fine cool sand; digging in it
  21. Dinner with my uncle and sister talking culture, art, family
  22. Laying your head on someone you love
  23. The first look, a spark
  24. Fall clothes
  25. Unmatched socks - who has time to match socks anyway?
  26. Reaching the top of a hike
  27. Mastering that move in Pilates
  28. Not caring what others egos tell themselves
  29. Getting over that ex
  30. Bittersweet goodbyes