The handful of people I look to everyday. The people I see as the embodiments of life.
  1. Johnny Carson
    While Johnny is a window to the past for me, even to this day his shows seem present. Watching his Tonight Show once again I always become lost in the world of fantasy he created. A world always topped with the comedy he pioneered and is still today as it ever was masterful. "Here's Johnny"
  2. Jerry Weintraub
    The Hollywood legend and producer that taught me in life you have to be a wise yet crazy dreamer, that knows what to leave out of a sentence and always lives life searching for joy.
  3. Marilyn Monroe
    The icon that everyone knows in this time and for decades to come from the actress, the films and her tragic story. The Marilyn that inspires me is the one less known, the artist, always doubtful of herself yet always pushing onward.
  4. Frank Sinatra
    Always I find myself listening to Sinatra and when I do, I always remember his great respect for everyone involved in his music especially the composers. "New York, New York"
  5. Martin Scorsese
    The master of cinema that always could teach me more in his films than he ever could say. His passion for film and the life it contains speaks volumes to me in every scene of his I watch.
  6. Jimmy Fallon
    Through watching Jimmy Fallon's late night shows through the years, I always find myself thinking during his monologue how effortless he makes everything seem.
  7. Taylor Swift
    While I always find myself listening to Taylor Swift's music, I find even more comfort in her words. "Just be yourself, there is no one better."
  8. George Lucas
    The pioneer of modern filmmaking. Lucas' imagination, creating new ways of telling stories with his short films The Emperor and THX to Star Wars, is what inspires me to push myself into unexplored territories.
  9. Aaron Sorkin
    If I am ever lost for words and need a retreat, you can always find me deep in the seasons of Sorkin's shows from The West Wing to The Newsroom and onwards.
  10. Jerry Seinfeld
    Comedy needs no explanation.
  11. Audrey Hepburn
  12. Selena Gomez