1. Enjoying the 80° weather that is taunting me through the windows of this conference room ☀️
  2. Searching Amazon for any and every need I have to be fulfilled within a two-day shipping timeframe
  3. Playing with my adorable 8 month old puppy (photo obviously necessary) 🐶
  4. House hunting in the ever-changing market of Charlotte house rentals 🏡
  5. Painting any of the six blank canvases I have that are collecting dust in my closet 🎨
  6. Now that I mention it, cleaning out my closet and donating my unworn clothes 👗
  7. Catching up with my mom and discussing her furniture painting and rework 👵🏼
  8. Preparing for the Ellie Goulding show so that I am ready to sing along to all her songs 👯
  9. Trying out any of the Charlotte breweries, again another way to enjoy this weather 🍻
  10. Preparing a new meal with ingredients I haven't used in a while (avocados or radishes yum) 🌶🍉
  11. Touching up the appearance of my chairs and table, thanks to aforementioned puppy
  12. Reading blogs about new restaurants opening in the Charlotte area 🍝
  13. Running the new two mile loop I discovered last week - with sidewalk! (oooh, ah) 👟
  14. Basically anything. At all.