This was specifically tUnE-yArDs at Stern Grove
  1. Sixties babies now drinking rose and bubbly and buying pot brownies to share
    "He says he made them himself AND he grew it himself. How great is that?"
  2. College sophomore dance students sharing around a chocolate cherry cake who stretched their legs up over their heads several times.
    For fun.
  3. A lady very seriously hugging a tree for about twenty minutes.
    Emotions she experienced: peace, calm, charm, happiness, love, a quiet joy.
  4. A girl my boyfriend dated for a minute who was still dancing down at the front, just as he remembered her.
    This was not a happy memory for him.
  5. Two coworkers, a former student, a friend of convenience, a fellow alumni.
    All with their own groups of friends.
  6. Cool parents with babies.
    See also: a pregnant lady
  7. Dude perched on a rock evoking a shirtless Crocodile Dundee who had time to let himself go.
  8. People who pay money to sit at picnic tables instead of the ground.
  9. This amazing elderly Japanese couple with matching containers of rice topped with veggies and a boiled egg.
    They looked so happy.
  10. Me and my boo.
    Our future aspirations are more towards the Japanese couple than the pot brownie boom babies.