Sometimes you just get sad. This isn't your fault. Things to do instead of getting in bed and staring at the ceiling.
  1. Watch tap dancing videos
    Especially recommend Make Em Laugh with Donald O'Connor and really anything from Singing in the Rain
  2. Mani / pedi
    DIY or for ultimate indulgence, let someone else massage your feet
  3. Acupuncture
    Not for everyone but the first time I did this I had a waking dream where I closed all the open tabs on my computer. Very, very zen.
  4. Walk Elle to BiRite for ice cream
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    My dog is maybe an alien but she comes from a planet of good vibes and doing anything with her is a safe bet when feeling blue. BUT throw a short walk outside and a small ice cream cone of balsamic strawberry or creme brûlée bi-rite ice cream on top? Fool proof.
  5. Try a new recipe
    Cooking! Delicious outcomes, distracting mindless actions like chopping and stirring - more like recipe for happiness, amirite?
  6. Get a hair cut
    See mani/pedi but substitute head massage and a fresh look in life.
  7. Write a letter
    Sometimes talking to someone is too much but writing in a diary is too abstract so I like to write to someone I love. Make it an art project and collage a postcard or DIY envelope for more soothing magic
  8. Call Franny
    [insert your grandma] though you're welcome to call mine too. She loves meeting new people.