Skies Recently

I think I always took sky pictures but I recently started a fight with my boyfriend about how SF skies are the best and now I can't stop taking pictures of them. Also I stop in my tracks and say "Wow." a lot more these days. Try it sometime!
  1. I stopped in the middle of the street to take this one while early morning dog walking. Unwise? Oh well!
  2. A few minutes later in the opposite direction...
  3. And then I decided there wasn't enough sky in the first picture
  4. Then. Oh em gee. Last night.
  5. Two.
  6. Three.
  7. This one I took on the bus.
  8. This one out a hotel window on my birthday morning.
  9. This one in yosemite
  10. Also this
  11. Less impressive but at land's end
  12. Don't stop looking up, k?