I think I always took sky pictures but I recently started a fight with my boyfriend about how SF skies are the best and now I can't stop taking pictures of them. Also I stop in my tracks and say "Wow." a lot more these days. Try it sometime!
  1. I stopped in the middle of the street to take this one while early morning dog walking. Unwise? Oh well!
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  2. A few minutes later in the opposite direction...
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  3. And then I decided there wasn't enough sky in the first picture
    C58e7695 d36e 4293 88f8 2c678908e64b
  4. Then. Oh em gee. Last night.
    C3d4575d 9fa6 4ee6 ae99 45fef4657c43
  5. Two.
    Ec355522 1405 4c43 b4e5 d4ecce45777b
  6. Three.
    123c04ef 65e9 4f27 aedd 9e41e5af86d8
  7. This one I took on the bus.
    7364b9d5 87ec 4214 87bc 9b5cd6bca28d
  8. This one out a hotel window on my birthday morning.
    E3e68f5a b0b8 49e6 94e4 046020c54e78
  9. This one in yosemite
    1703d9de 4b99 4e60 bf27 9a8c86db1e66
  10. Also this
    1dab501d 246f 4175 8040 e5b5619c2ac7
  11. Less impressive but at land's end
    Bdad6855 1912 41fa 9b4a 2ae172ce0346
  12. Don't stop looking up, k?
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