A list of firsts

  1. My first job
    However, this photo was taken on my last day.
  2. My first concert
    Miley Cyrus. Bangerz tour. 👅
  3. My first car
    1999 Honda Accord named Cricket. I love it with all my heart.
  4. The first time I experienced loss and grief
    My baby Toby. He was 4yrs old when he passed. I just hope your life was filled with the same joy that you brought us.
  5. First time seeing the Alamo
    Nothing what I expected, by the way. Very tiny in the middle of downtown San Antonio. Nonetheless, I was still very excited in case you couldn't tell.
  6. My first time flying
  7. My first time going to Huntsville
    Huntsville State Park is my favorite place in the world.
  8. First time since 2005 that the Astros made it to post season in 2015
  9. My first professional interview
    I didn't get the job.