Favorite TV Series

This list is a little all over the place.
  1. The Office
    Okay this might be the real #1, everything after this is in no particular order. C'mon this show is gold.
  2. Parks and Recreation
    Perd Hapley doesn't get enough credit 😂
  3. Shameless
    This show is WILD.
  4. Boy Meets World
    "Feeeeny feheheny"
  5. Jane the Virgin
    Still not over the Michael thing.
  6. Gossip Girl
  7. Phil of the Future
    Pim was my favorite followed by Vice Principal Hackett.
  8. Full House
    There is no way I was leaving this out.
  9. 30 Rock
    I am Liz Lemon
  10. My Super Sweet 16
    The drama. The gifts. The drama.
  11. Gang Land
  12. CSI: Miami
  13. Totally Spies!
    Y'all can't tell me anything, these girls kicked ass! I wanted to be a spy so bad.