1. On average, how many baseballs are used per game?
  2. For those people that take the doors off their Jeep, how does that work????!
    Do you have to clear the inside of change/personal belongings? Do you have to clear your glove compartment? What stops someone from just popping their head in and taking all your stuff? Do you not care? Does stuff fly out when you drive if you don't clear it? Don't y'all feel exposed? That would make me super uncomfortable because I sit ugly and sing really loud.
  3. If I were to star in a film, I'd like to portray the villain.
    That'd be fun. I think I'd be the villain that you're secretly rooting for.
  4. Why do people cry when they meet youtubers?
  5. When I see a cute baby or dog I say "she's so cute I wanna eat her"
    Why? Is there a psychological reason why we have this feeling? I know I'm not the only one.
  6. Does my dog speak English or Spanish?
    We talk to her in both languages and she answers to both. Does that mean she's bilingual?
  7. I'm so jealous of people that aren't ticklish.
  8. What role do ants play in the ecosystem?
  9. Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States among being one of the most diverse, SO why is downtown so lame??!
    Answer me that one. Please do. That aside, I love my city with all my heart.
  10. Who determines which uniforms an MLB team will wear?
  11. Rebelde is the Mexican version of Gossip Girl.
  12. Hospital ice is the best ice.
  13. When did gender reveals become a thing? Allllllllll I see on fb 😑
  14. Why was the parks department so mean to Jerry/Larry/Terry/Gary?