Thoughts while watching the novela Teresa 🌹

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    Y'all know what I'm talking about, this Mexican soap opera was iconic. The real gold digger.
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    Teresa's dad is such a good man. He wants the best for his daughter and loves his wife. I feel for him sometimes because he doesn't get enough credit.
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    I'm just going to say it... Teresa's mom gets on my nerves.
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    Aurora is such a good person 😭
    Beautiful inside and out, I aspire to be like her.
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    Mariano 😍😍😍😍😍
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    Juana is the queen of maxi dresses
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    Esperanza's stepdad disowned her for a dumbass reason. That whole fight was so dramatic. Actually, that whole family gets on my nerves.
    I kinda see why Teresa wants out of the neighborhood so bad. Does that make me like her? 👀😟
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    Why is someone always sick?!?!
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    Aida's dad looks like a Lazy Town character
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    How long does it take Genoveva to take her makeup off?? She's always caked up.
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    Paulo died?!?!?! I did NOT see that coming.
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    2/3 of this show is someone eavesdropping.
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    I want to know how many times "Teresa" was said by the grand finale.
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    I am so done with 🎶 ¿A donde vamos a parar? 🎶
    The same part of that song plays every. five. fucking. minutes. 😤😠
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    Arturo brought back Teresa to live in the vecindad ‼️
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    Okay I definitely did not see this one coming!
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    Why is everyone's solution on this show is to go on a trip?
    Aida's mom found out about the affair? TRIP Teresa's marriage isn't working out? TRIP Aurora can't get over Mariano? TRIP Cutberto cant get over Juana? TRIP Luisa got played? TRIP
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    Top 2 annoying characters:
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    #1 Teresa's mom: Refugio
    I've said it before and I'll say it again, she gets on my nerves!!!!!! She suddenly has health problems at the slightest "impact" She is quick to put in her two cents in everyone's business. And holy crap her voice, so whiny all the time.
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    #2 Johnny
    His voice, too, is so damn annoying. Always sticks his foot in his mouth by blabbing and just like Teresa's mom he overreacts at unimportant things. I hate that confused head scratch thing he does. Prime example of NACO.
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    Teresa's mom bitched the entire time that she wanted Teresa to come to her senses and when she finally comes back and begs her for forgiveness she turns her away. MAKE UP YOUR MIND LADY, WHAT DO YOU WANT.
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    Esperanza is pregnant again and the baby can't be more than 2-3months old. She got busy.
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    I was content with the finale, all we see is Arturo come back and pick her up of the floor after she's been crying. This leaves it up to the audience to guess Teresa and Arturo's future. I think they're gonna make it and Teresa is going to learn from her mistakes.
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    If I had to give this novela a grade: B-