Spring break means splurging on all my favorite foods
  1. Croissant from Maison Giraud
    I only had 1 1/2, not nearly enough.
  2. Churros con chocolate and chamomile tea from Churros Calientes
    When the chocolate comes in an espresso mug I think that means you're supposed to drink it after.
  3. Cheese and fruit plate made by my mother
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    Homemade iced tea included
  4. Milk tea boba from Volcano Tea
    Best boba in LA!
  5. Halibut sushi from Sugarfish
  6. Iced vanilla latte from Bellwood Bakery
  7. Rosemary toast made by La Brea Bakery
    Buttered toast is one of the most delicious foods on this earth.
  8. Pretzel from Wetzel's Pretzels
    Childhood favorite.