From the truly authentic to some crazy concoctions, Dallas has a pretty great selection of tacos.
  1. Taco Joint
    In my opinion, the best breakfast tacos (and burritos) in Dallas. The jalepeno ranch is 100% necessary.
  2. Fuel City
    Hidden on the side of a gas station. Amazing authentic Mexican tacos 👌 @justinemcgregor
  3. Velvet Taco
    This is not your average taco spot. My personal favorites are the crisp chicken tikka (#3) and the falafel (#6).
  4. Taco Diner
    Wide variety of tacos, white queso recommended.
  5. Desperados
    The Desperados Tacos are award winning. The tortillas stuck together with melted Jack cheese. What more could a girl ask for?
  6. Mesero Miguel
    Some nice and simple tacos with great quality ingredients.