1. Wicked skateboard trick, Cody!
  2. Your mom, Cody, was a wildcat when we met. Now she's a slightly older wildcat.
  3. You know what, Cody—why don't we both ditch our homework tonight and check out this new game I got for your Xbox One.
  4. Oh what, Cody—you don't have an Xbox One?
  5. Well, Cody, you do now. Surprise!
  6. Hey, Cody. What would you say if I told you I was getting a cool new bachelor pad?
  7. No, Cody. No matter what your mom and I both love you, and each other, very much. We just need different things now. We were very young when we got hitched.
  8. Sure. When you put it like that, Cody. Yeah, being parents so young didn't help.
  9. Ok, Cody. You can have all the time to yourself you need. I'll order us a pizza and you can graze at your leisure.
  10. Love you, big guy.