1. A crisp dollar bill
    Your change from the five with which you paid for your McDonald's this morning. It's fresh from the bank, and it slips into your wallet like a knife fish slipping into the glassy surface of Lake Orpho. Your cousin drowned out there in the eighth grade. It was in the papers. Nobody in the family talks about it, though.
  2. A cross-stitch needle
    It's really just early pixel art. Makes your grandma seem kind of cool, and why not? She was cool. She held hands with her best friend Janice once upon a time—this was long before your grandfather and your dad—and she felt something in her chest catch so fiercely that thought she was having a heart attack. If Janice had asked her to run away with her—see how far they could take their band—she would've said yes without hesitation. It was a good band. She seldom regrets how life turned out.
  3. A book of Rumi
    It's sort of funny how often you pull out this collection in order to reference that one piece about the garden in springtime for some too-earnest expression of your feelings to some new someone who hasn't yet identified you for the emotional black hole you are. The other books on the shelf know their place. They hold the groove for Rumi. In it goes. Out it comes. Easy as anything. Shame everything can't be so easy.