July 31, 2016 - day one
  1. PreFlight outside Logan Airport
    Amazing - the shuttle moves to behind your vehicle, grabs your bag and off to Logan.
  2. AA flight to Miami
    Um...Mark why are we leaving at 5 AM? 🤔
  3. Miami airport and first Uber!!!
    Non English speaking uber driver. Lol Spanish said way way differently
  4. Epic Hotel - biscayne Blvd
    Mark trained me well we have our room. 2025. Mark um not til 430. Uh oh
  5. Walking in Miami
    Oh my good it's hot here - walking w friends make it not so bad. Lol
  6. LA 20 deli•cafe
    Breakfast time. Yummy. Just do t order omelette as it's never cooked thru.
  7. Walking back to hotel - POOLTIME
    Swimming in pool aaaaaaaahhhh
  8. Me time
    6 hrs of sleep over the past 48 hrs just ain't cutting it - iron tonight's outfit, shower, hair and makeup - ooh that was fun
  9. Mark and Ed finally get their suite!!
    2219. Yeah. Unfortunately Mark had to get aggravated after his mani/pedi...Epic you know not who you are dealing with here. Watch out...Mark be coming for you.
  10. Drink in 2219
    Met Kathy, Nico and Anthony at ME rm for drinks.
  11. Walk to Perrcone off 20th street
    Holy cow it's hot here - again though walking w others , not so bad.
  12. Amazing dinner - chicken Milanese
    Antipasti, calamari, bread, bruschetta, coffee, chocolate gelato ... And ... Chambord- lets just say YUMMY
  13. Walk back to hotel and return to 2219
    More laughs!!!
  14. Bedtime!!!