1. Ryan Reynolds
    Your forehead is fucking massive and the Green Lantern single handedly gave me aids
  2. Amy Schumer
    You're fat, the act gets old really quick. Still, props to you for making a career out of being a whore
  3. Anyone that works at a DMV
  4. White moms that drive range rovers
    You're all over-privileged cunts with no personal aspirations other than to serve your male counterpart/ collect child support
  5. Anyone that plays soccer past the age of 12
  6. Soundcloud Rappers
    No one gives a shit if you "did it yourself" or "came up from nothing". Please shut the fuck up and let me listen to it the one mediocre song you produced
  7. Any sort of customer service person with an accent
    How could you possibly be helping anyone
  8. Vegetarians
    You're all pussies and it's a fact
  9. Walgreens cashiers
    No I don't have a fucking rewards card. I'm 18, I don't give a shit if you'll get fired. Don't ever ask me again