1. A picture of Wrigleyville about an hour before the Hawks won the Stanley cup this last time around
    I sent this to my mom to be like "look how crazy it is already" but it was sent on a major delay (because of the sea of people) and she didn't get it until way after. It made it look really lame.
  2. This is my boyfriend, Scott.
    We were playing in the snow around the time we first started dating. I think we were both trying to be all cute and flirty but ended up just straight up tackling each other in the snow for the most part.
  3. This is 1 of 2 little girls I nanny.
    She's the weirdest little nerd nugget and I love her.
  4. This is straight up a picture from a strip club we went to for a friends birthday.
    Look at all the happy faces!
  5. Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.
    This summer I took a trip to Colorado with my sister and my cousin. My grandma said us vacationing together was "so bizarre."