Skincare is hard.
  1. Eye cream.
    All eye cream. Now that I'm a 26 year old woman and my best skin days are behind me as I march slowly toward certain skin death, I must lightly tap expensive goop under my eye holes 4E. OR ELSE.
  2. Toner.
    It seems every age fear mongering blog I obsessively read tells me something different about toners. Good, not good, essential, detrimental. Hell, my dermatologist told me there's no need. But is there a bottle of it in my medicine cabinet at all times just. in. case? You bet.
  3. Smashbox primer water.
    Spraying shit on my face makes me feel alive. So I love my primer water. Does it make my makeup last longer? No clue. Are there ingredients in it that are not great for my skin? Probs.
  4. Urban decay setting spray.
    See: Primer.
  5. Serum.
    I may just be uneducated on this one but I don't see the difference between a serum and a beauty oil. I use both but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.