This is not the sexiest list, but it is five things that do their job well and bring just a little bit of joy to my life.
  1. Staedtler Tri-plus Fineliner pens.
    I love these pens the most. They have very fine tips and don't dry out if you forget to recap them. I buy them at the art supply store as they run out and maintain a full set on my desk. But I've replaced the nonsense colors with better ones. A yellow pen? Don't be ridiculous. I am a grown person. (I replaced it with grey. So effing classy.)
  2. Cetaphil.
    A couple of months ago I splurged on a sampler of all of Sephora's fancy facial cleansers, convinced I would find something I liked more than this. Nope. Maybe I just need to repackage it in a sleeker bottle and/or convince myself that it's okay that Good Housekeeping and I have something in common?
  3. Immersion blender.
    Have you ever read a recipe that tells you to take the soup out of the pot and blend it in batches? Might as well give up on life right there. An immersion blender is one of those kitchen tools that just makes life so much easier. See also, a two-headed spatula/scraper like this one: http://bit.ly/1DCTIYo
  4. JLo sheets from Kohl's.
    Last year I bought a new bed and, as part of the process, crowd sourced my new sheets on FB. Following a surprisingly lively debate, these won out. You can usually find them on sale, and they're just the right mix of soft and crisp. http://bit.ly/1zenAOE
  5. Aviator Nation hoodies.
    My Venice-livin' bro gifted one to me and when I realized how pricey they are I felt a little sick to my stomach. But it is still, without question, my most beloved item of clothing, and the only one that gets almost as much use as a pair of jeans.