I mean, it'd be a pretty good weekend anywhere, but hitting three states in two days definitely upped the Midwest factor.
  1. Fun second date with a nice guy...
    Dinner and drinks and kissing on street corners. You know, second date stuff.
  2. ...which led to this text exchange with @lizonthelake.
    I may have a bit of a bitmoji problem.
  3. Jousted in a giant padded suit in the middle of a nature preserve.
    My friend Amy's in-laws do a huge Friends & Family Field Day every year. This year's theme was medieval times. I'm in the blue and the goal was to knock your competitor's head off and I totally did. Then I watched Amy's husband perform an entire set of music about knights and dragons with his family band. Then I watched a pack of tiny kids trying on the jousting suits and (safely) whaling on each other for half an hour as the sun set. And my heart grew three sizes.
  4. Drove the extra ten minutes to stock up on New Glarus beer on the way home because once you're that close to Wisconsin, it would be silly not to.
    Berliner Weiss, Pumpkin Lust, Staghorn and Spotted Cow (duh) for any beer nerds playing along at home.
  5. Fell asleep on the couch watching Ocean's Eleven.
    I'm happy to be back in the headspace where choosing to spend a night in feels luxurious not lonely.
  6. Hiked up some sand dunes and then into a forest and down by a marsh with @linztyler on a truly spectacular Sunday afternoon at the Indiana shore.
    Extra points to her for rallying on very little sleep. Can't wait to go back when the leaves start to turn.
  7. Stopped by the Three Floyd's brewpub on the way home because once you're in Indiana, it would be silly not to.
    Drank an excellent blueberry sour that isn't available outside the brewery. Still made it home in time to shower and head right back out, at which point I...
  8. Saw Built to Spill in a tiny rock club with my friend Linus.
    I've loved those dudes for 20 years. We got there early and snagged seats up top. I can remember using Print Shop to make cassette tape cover art when I made copies of their albums for friends. I also remember that for a time they had a band member named Brett Netson and another named Brett Nelson and I really hope that fact comes up at music trivia someday because otherwise, truly, why is it still in my brain?
  9. Collapsed into bed exhausted but happy to have spent a weekend with so many great friends, doing so many fun things while summer's still sticking around.