I am in India for the week with a group of film students. We are having quite a few elaborate buffet or pre-ordered meals. As a result, I am eating all sorts of things that I cannot identify. Help?
  1. This gingery green sauce at the South Indian restaurant.
    It came with two other sauces at the start of the meal and is NOT what we eat in the States with samosas.
  2. This warm, sort of custardy, dark brown dessert that I was told was made from stewed fruit.
    Update: pretty sure it was chikoo?
  3. A square of grilled paneer with stewed fruit and nuts inside that had edible silver on top.
    I NOW know that it had nuts in it because it made one of the students I'm traveling with violently ill. *tugs at collar awkwardly*
  4. Aam panna.
    Aka raw mango juice. Sweet, sour, and salty. One of the true highlights of the trip for me. Hoping to figure out how recreate it at home.
  5. Hyderabadi biryani.
    The town's namesake, and totally delicious.
  6. A plate-sized fried bread that arrived at the table the size of a bowler hat. It deflated when poked.
    Poori, maybe?