Back in '03 we were all lawyers in desperate need of a creative outlet. We had a good run but lost interest when my sentimental dad started just throwing up scans of old family photos.
  1. Reviews of the State Quarters.
    Written by my dad, including a letter grade and a one sentence description. They were adorable. They were also the feature that inspired not only a meta "Review of Dad's Review of the State Quarters" from my brother but also our sole piece of fan mail (from a friend who thought the C given to Virginia's state quarter was a little harsh).
  2. Basically every single feeling I had about the NL Championship series that year.
    I know you'll laugh now, but that year it seemed like the Cubs really might just make it to the Fall Classic. Until Steve Bartman (whom I only knew to call Green Turtleneck Guy at the time) reached for a ball and became our town's favorite scapegoat (tied with that actual goat).
  3. Reviews of Three Second Excerpts of Popular Music.
    I don't know why more people don't write these, because, really, isn't so much of music about the buildup to when those drums go BOOM or that guitar jangles just right or Senior yells "Shake it!" at 1:34 in "Shake Your Coconuts"?
  4. Black Box Reporter.
    My brother and I compiled our favorite songs of the year, sans artists or song titles, and presented them on CD to our dad for his unbiased opinion. My favorite was how much he LOVED "Ballad of the Sin Eater" by Ted Leo & the Pharmacists: "Wow! Literate lyrics, fierce refrain, awesome drums--unexpected and powerful. I particularly enjoyed the reference to Seven Pillars of Wisdom and Beau Geste (probably a reference to the brilliant 1939 film rather than P.C. Wren's novel)." ♥️♥️♥️
  5. Advice on how to start a book club.
    Come to think of it, I could probably transcribe this one entirely into ListApp form. Stay tuned....