Inspired by an item on The Toast the other day. Did I miss any?
  1. Robin Hood from Disney's Robin Hood.
    The scamp that started it all. As Mallory Ortberg rightly noted, "100% of women want to have sex with a man who embodies the fox version of Robin Hood from the cartoon Robin Hood, but most do not actually want to have sex with a fox or a man dressed as one." Good with kids, hopelessly in love with his childhood sweetheart, great at archery, would totally crush a costume party AND he robs the rich to feed the poor? In the words of my friend Hill, "That fox can get it."
  2. The Fantastic Mr. Fox.
    Voiced by Clooney, snappy dresser, v v cunning, good at rallying folks behind a cause. That said, his motives are a bit less obviously pure than those of Robin Hood. He does it for the thrill, you know? Because I feel like he should be able to feed a family on his newspaper columnist salary?
  3. Foxy Brown
    Suggested by   @vp
  4. Guy Fawkes
    That voice...
    Suggested by   @Nicholas
  5. The Fox from Fox and the Hound.
    Completely adorable, values having friends who are different from him, understands that though it is a cliche, yes, women appreciate flowers as a romantic gesture. Loses points for being really young through most of the movie, which gives this already questionable intellectual exercise a slight icky feel.
  6. Swiper from Dora the Explorer.
    Swiper, you are just terrible at swiping. Zero points.