1. Recreating this photo from 20 years ago with two of my oldest friends.
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    185 Facebook likes and counting! Wish @mallofamanda could have been there with us.
  2. Visiting the new Whitney.
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    And yes, @grubstreet, that was a pretty tasty chocolate chip cookie!
  3. The baby kale salad at The Finch in Brooklyn.
    More salads should involve nut butter, apparently.
  4. This one comedian's impression of Tilda Swinton trying to put a child to bed.
    "Close your eyes...close your eyes...close your eyes...." Okay, you definitely had to be there. (Which, speaking of, the free comedy in the back room of Over the Eight on Sunday nights was *puts closed fingers to lips, kisses and releases them*)
  5. Every single surreal moment of watching @vp perform Blithe Spirit at a private club called the Snarks.
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    The Snarks have been in existence for over 100 years. They put on several performances a year, only for their members and friends, in a quirky old building on Sniffen Court in midtown owned by the Amateur Comedy Club. At the closing night party, the members perform a parody. Important detail I've left out so far: the average member age is about 70. Translation: I saw a lot of 80 year olds in drag telling dick jokes.
  6. Seeing the actor Ben McKenzie on my train.
    But more so, it's that I thought I saw him but wasn't sure until @nolanfeeney mentioned seeing him in Prospect Park earlier that day. A quick wardrobe check (white tee! And blue shorts!) confirmed we'd seen the same person. Because of course, in addition to sharing July birthdays, an affinity for Swedish pop and an iPhone pass code (only one number off!), Nolan and I WOULD somehow share celebrity sightings several hours apart.
  7. Caffrin's first trip to Uniqlo.
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    My friends kept telling me I simply HAD to go there. But that I shouldn't get too excited. But I definitely couldn't miss it! But I should realize that it's really just, like, reliable basics. It was a very confusing build up that led to the text exchange pictured at right.