Let's all share new music! Or old music that's new to us. I know the folks at List App HQ are sharing music all day long (@Nicholas @jeremysomething et al) and it's one of my favorite things. Tag yourself or a friend whose taste you adore. And include what types of playlists we're likely to find. Here, I'll start...
  1. @caffrin, on Spotify as caffrinc.
    Lots of workout/dance party playlists, idiosyncratic year-end retrospectives, and playlists for friends. Here's one I did for a mix cd a month club I'm in: http://spoti.fi/1Qhzbzw
  2. @kstud, on spotify as kstud.
    Plenty of good hip hop and all that cool stuff KCRW is always playing. http://spoti.fi/1OeOiMJ
  3. She basically has like one public playlist of everything she listens to in a given year and I feel like it has helped me understand her more. That said, she is always set to private because she doesn't want us to know how much she listens to certain things on repeat for hours at a time. http://spoti.fi/1QhBkeD
  4. Me!
    Great list for up and coming artists in indie pop and rock. I used to be a Radio DJ in college and miss it, so this is my outlet to find and curate up and coming stuff. http://spoti.fi/1OYwa72
    Suggested by @TJ
  5. @bagelfever Kelly Fadem. Is me. Yes.
    30+ public playlists varying in length and format. Some genre-based, some mood-based, some thematic. Alt-dance, synth/dream pop, regular pop, alt r&b, funk, indie rock, etc. Personal favs right now: Hybrid lab, Body, Salad Days, no title, Versailles. User number: 1210415715
    Suggested by @bagelfever
  6. Nicholas Aaron Kraft (me)
    I have 2 I am SUPER proud of: the first, "Nuttin Butt Jamz" is all throwback hip-hop. Good to get the party started. The second, "For Whatever Reason" is something I add to every few days - sort of like the inside of my head in music form. http://spoti.fi/1KhQ21x
    Suggested by @Nicholas