Honestly, it was kind of a rough weekend, but I'm choosing to tell this one like a comeback story.
  1. Watched one of my students fake orgasm onstage without turning red (either of us).
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    She was the lead in a campus production of In the Next Room (or the Vibrator Play) and she and the rest of the cast just nailed it.
  2. Tracked down a book written by one of my ancestors.
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    My dad called this weekend to tell me that his genealogical research has revealed that we are related to a somewhat well known eighteenth century poet named Edward Taylor. Dad wanted to track down the man's diary (published in 1880) and asked if I thought I might be able to help out, what with my fancy university connections and all. Five minutes online and the book is being shipped via interlibrary loan from Ann Arbor. BOOM.
  3. Made it to the Doris Salcedo exhibit at the MCA before it closed.
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    I haaaaaate when I blow my chance to see exhibits I know I would enjoy if I just made the time. Saw it on its final day and was quite moved.
  4. Bought this sweet-ass bracelet.
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    Volunteered to help a friend shop for clothes for her upcoming book tour and, in the process, finally treated myself to this bracelet I've been eyeing for a while. It wasn't very expensive, but buying it prevented me from making other, more costly purchases.
  5. Video-chatted with three of my best friends.
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    Their laughter absolutely fucking sustains me, but with us spread out around the country these days, getting quality time together is really hard. This video chat took weeks to organize and plans could have fallen through at any moment but they DIDN'T. And so we got to hear about Amy's new job and Jim's lame date and @kstud's trip to Joshua Tree and the cosmic balance was, at least temporarily, restored.
  6. Booked my ticket to NYC for June.
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    Finally quit hemming and hawing and worrying about getting the best fare. I haven't been in five years so I'm really looking forward to it. Fair warning, @vp: I'm gonna squeeze your neck really hard.