In honor of Draft Week. (Yes, @vp, I do see the list requests you send me. I'm pacing myself.)
  1. Catherine Carrigan!
    I have joked for YEARS that the only way I would change my name with marriage is if I met a man whose last name was Carrigan with an exclamation point. Then when I was canvassing for Obama in '08 my friends and I ended up in Hamilton, Ohio for a day. We learned that, as an attempt to lure tourists in the 80's, the town tried to legally add an exclamation point to its name. So I suppose I would also probably marry the person who thought of that. I hope their last name begins with a C?
  2. Bonnie Bedelia
    No good reason--I just really like the sound of it.
  3. Sarah Silverman
    This one feels the closest to my actual name and spirit, somehow?