These were sent over the course of five months from a phone number with a Saskatchewan area code. I corresponded with the sender as little as possible in hopes that it would never end. Sadly, it did.
  1. World's Happiest Dog.
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    The first text message was just this photo with no explanation. This dog is having more fun than I am even able to fully comprehend. He just went rafting!!! And his fur matches the tree behind him. In my head his name is Roger, and he has been my iPhone lock screen for the last year and a half.
  2. Selfie?
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    Captioned "Just thought u should know your gf looks like a prostitute." Which brings up so many questions. Is my phantom texter sending a dude (or lady) a photo of his or her significant other, calling her a prostitute? And if so, how did my phantom texter expect that interaction to turn out? Or is this a selfie? If so, is she proud of her look? Or making a cry for help? Even more importantly, if it IS a selfie, how does this woman not know her significant other's cell phone number?
  3. DOPE.
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    Sent the day after Christmas with, yet again, no caption.
  4. DOPE!!!
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    Closeup. Again with the questions: where is he? What does DOPE stand for? Is he a Dr. Seuss character or an inmate? Or does he just, like, feel really DOPE all the time?