I am staying with @kstud at her very generous employers' very posh home in Bel Air. I'm here for a full week and, evidently, have decided to make the most of it.
  1. Went to Dance Dance Party Party Los Angeles.
    I've run the Chicago chapter for four years, but never been to a class in another city. I guest DJed with a playlist my friend and I made for our birthdays last month. There was a ton of space and everyone was really in their own little dance world. I loved it.
  2. Ate crickets.
    The flavor was good but I found the antenna and legs too distressing. Really great Oaxacan food at this place, though.
  3. Volunteered at an abortion clinic.
    Because she is a great person, Kristen volunteers with LA for Choice a couple times a month and Bobby and I went with her yesterday morning. Apparently the protesters only come on Sunday, so as volunteers we helped make sure that they stayed off the property and that the women coming to the clinic could safely access the facility. We all used code names so that the protestors couldn't try to find us online. Definitely going to look into doing this back home.
  4. Went skinny dipping.
    The pool lights went off around midnight. I floated on my back and stared up at a surprising number of stars and tried to commit the feeling to memory. 😑😑😑