Insert obvious disclaimers about how weird I feel describing this to strangers (and two friends and one student, ohgoditakeitallback), but concrete things seem good right now.
  1. Called and texted friends.
    I am lucky to have people who will take my 11:30pm phone calls, even when they're 9pm bedtime kind of people. One of them even let me come right over to sit with her for an hour while she apologized for not having a couch and I stared at my water glass.
  2. Listened to like 16 hours of Gilmore Guys.
    Not at all an exaggeration--I don't do silence well in times like these. And although I probably didn't laugh at most of their rants like I normally would, damn if that closing sing-a-long didn't still bring a smile to my face. I like that song.
  3. Been on a walk.
    The friends who were too busy with their own romantic complications to pick up on Saturday are still pretty cool, too. Including the one who picked me up yesterday so that we could walk and talk and reassure each other that the only way out is through.
  4. Thought an insane amount about why this happened.
    Preliminary thoughts: I made the right call, even though I really wasn't planning on it. And/but it's still going to hurt.
  5. Eaten, eh, like maybe 500 calories.
    We all know the only good thing to come out of a breakup is the criet.
  6. Watched Daredevil.
    Great fight choreography! Minimal romance! Life includes pain! And I'm glad I'm not blind!
  7. Emailed my boss with a vague "not feeling well" message.
    After my last bad breakup she emailed me a .pdf of a Buddhist poem (for some reason, the fact that she went to the trouble of scanning it is triply heartbreaking). It was so spot on, without her even knowing the full story, that I am reluctant to be that vulnerable with her again. Gonna try to keep things profesh this time around.
  8. Saw a play at Steppenwolf.
    Yeah, this one was maybe a stretch, but I didn't want the tickets to go to waste? I'll remember that I managed to shower and put on a dress and stare at my water glass there. Pretty cool costumes, too.
  9. Went to yoga and got a massage.
    Criet aside, I know how stress sticks in my body, so I have to keep moving and try to take care of myself.
  10. Waited for it all to start making sense.
  11. Edited to add: received a really sweet phone call from @vp as soon as he saw this.
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you, Weepy.