First time in the city in FIVE YEARS. My top priority is quality time with old friends, but what follows is a list of stuff I like doing in ANY city. Wanna help me find some new favorites? I'll be staying in downtown Brooklyn and the West Village.
  1. Read a book at a coffee shop with delicious pastries and solid people watching.
    Probably Brooklyn or the Village for convenience. Pastries more important than coffee, if I'm being honest.
  2. Eat adventurous, but not absurdly expensive, Asian food. Ideally ramen. Maybe here?
  3. Shop for beautifully minimalist office supplies for the organized life I'll never actually lead.
    This is non-negotiable. MUJI's notebooks are like a dream to me.
  4. Wander around a museum solo for a couple of hours with headphones in.
    The new Whitney, I'm thinking?
  5. Drink a sour beer in the sunshine.
    I'm feelin' this whole Berliner Weiss, gose trend like woah. But I don't know anything about NY beer gardens or local breweries. UPDATE: my friend has recommended Torst, Owl Farm, Spuyten Duyvil, Mission Dolores and Blind Tiger. Not surprisingly, he runs the best beer blog there is. I'll get him on here soon, hopefully....
  6. See some indie comedy.
    This is where I could REALLY use your help. I know about the free show at the Knitting Factory on Sunday nights, but where else should I be going? I'm not a huge fan of two drink minimums; I am a huge fan of weirdo comedy. UPDATE: I got a ticket to see Fresh Out on Thursday night at 9:00 if anyone wants to join me?
  7. Or dance?
    I LOVE seeing live dance. Which @vp must have subconsciously realized when he suggested we go see, no lie, a dance performance about robots on Sunday evening. SOLD!!
  8. Shop for jewelry made by local designers.
    Is this place too precious? Or is it great?
  9. Read a book in a park.
    Maybe it's time I made it to Prospect Park? But also, I'm not just pretending I'm going to read, you guys. My dad mailed me this book and I'm saving it up for this trip:
  10. Meet some cool ListAppers, maybe?
    Eh, eh?
  11. What else should I do?
  12. Num Pang in Chelsea Market has tear inducing Cambodian sandwiches
    Suggested by @aprilkquioh
  13. Joe for coffee and pastries in West Village
    Suggested by @sierra
  14. El Rey
    Suggested by @sierra
  15. Maman for pastries and people watching!
    Suggested by @sierra