Great list idea from @dave and his friend @brookielyons
  1. Veronica Mars
    No question. Smart, unwavering in her commitment to her friends and amazing with the witty banter.
  2. Landry Clark from FNL
    In case anything ever goes really wrong, I know he'll take care of it and miraculously not face any lasting negative consequences. It'll be like killing that guy NEVER EVEN HAPPENED.
  3. Watson from Sherlock
    Observant and a doctor, but without all of the dickish qualities that would make Sherlock a nightmare to spend more than a couple of hours with.
  4. Willow from Buffy
    I also might need a witch on my team? Tara can come, too, because in this alternate universe nothing bad ever happened to her.
  5. Jane from Jane the Virgin
    Adorable, optimistic, takes no shit. Note: I am like half a season behind but I assume this is all still true.
  6. Cat Deeley from So You Think You Can Dance
    Not even kidding on this one. She's hilarious and supportive and I'm pretty sure the rest of my ragtag crew and I could get into any club, ever, as long as we followed behind this leggy beauty.
  7. Marty from Gilmore Girls
    That show's unsung hero. Smart enough for Yale, loves staying in to watch movies and mixes a mean cocktail.
  8. Michael B Jordan in any role he wants
    He's Vince from FNL, he's Wallace from the Wire, he's Alex on Parenthood. Every character he plays, I both love and worry about. I feel like and he Veronica Mars would definitely end up getting together and everyone on my team would just be really happy for them.
  9. Leslie Knope from Parks & Rec
    How did I forget Leslie?!? Shit, strike this whole list: I just want the Parks and Rec department as my team, full stop.