I'd hardly call these life hacks, but they're tiny ways to feel like more of a functional adult. What are yours? (Seriously, I want to know. I feel like I barely make the adult cut some days.)
  1. Adding your friends' street addresses into your phone the first time you get them.
    That way if you want to surprise them with a gift or card you don't have to root through your email/texts or, worse, ask them.
  2. Unloading the entire dishwasher at once.
    My mom taught me this rule. If you hear that click when you go to open the dishwasher, it's on you to unload the entire thing. It's going to take, what, two minutes? People who don't do this make me crazy. (Note: I believe this so strongly that I will completely avoid the dishwasher if I'm in a hurry.)
  3. Taking all of the foil off the top of the vitamin container.
    Don't just punch through there and leave a bunch of foil clinging to the rim. You will never regret the extra 5-10 seconds! The same applies for the plastic film on your hummus.
  4. Calling a friend on his or her birthday instead of sending a text.
    I need to get much better about this one. But seriously, doesn't it feel amazing to actually HEAR from a friend on your special day? (July 14th, for the record...just saying.)
  5. Taking your popcorn and soda with you on your way out of the theatre.
    My closest friends know this is one of my biggest pet peeves. "But Catherine," you say, "someone is going to come by and clean after me anyway!" NO, I respond. Those people are helping clear away the popcorn you inevitably dropped on the ground or the water bottle that accidentally rolled all the way down to the first row; they really don't also need to throw a soda into the trash bin because you wanted to delight in the momentary thrill of having a cleaning staff. DO IT YOURSELF.
  6. Spending five minutes to straighten up your bedroom when you're heading out of town.
    Collapsing into a made bed that is NOT covered in the items that didn't fit into your suitcase is 💯.
  7. Buying extra greeting cards to keep on hand.
    Especially birthday cards. And sympathy cards. And wedding cards. What I'm saying is, stock up on stationery. Buy multiples of cards that make you smile--it's not like your friends will be comparing notes.
  8. Having awesome facts about friends at the ready for introductions
    I'm working on this because it's so cool to introduce a friend with more than just their name. It's like a first impression brand testimonial but for a person. I 👏🏾👏🏾 people who do this on the reg
    Suggested by @NoahGeisel