TV I Watched With My Parents Growing Up

  1. Benson
    I remember nothing about the show except how hard my father would laugh.
  2. Cheers
  3. Newhart
    I remember hating it, but as an adult I love Newhart's humor. I would revisit, but my poor eyes can't take the poor quality.
  4. Fawlty Towers
    A show I still enjoy.
  5. Rescue 911
    This shit was intense. Also, the first thing Matthew McConaughey stared in!
  6. Moonlight
    Classic shit right here.
  7. Murphy Brown
    Miles was my first "older man" crush. Don't judge.
  8. Golden Girls
    Cult classic. Everyone watched this shit.
  9. Empty Nest
    I remember his secretary being funny..?